Doubling eCommerce sales with improved UX


Optimization, an eco-conscious marketplace for refurbished devices, faced challenges in sales and user experience compared to similar eCommerce sites. To tackle this, the UX team took charge, aiming to address the issues and drive better results.

We conducted a comprehensive UX audit to evaluate the user experience of the website. This involved assessing various aspects, including usability, visual design, navigation, content, and overall user satisfaction. Through the audit, we identified areas for improvement to enhance the user experience and effectively meet user needs.

By utilizing the Current Reality Tree (CRT) to analyze the present situation, understanding the negative effects, and employing the Future Reality Tree (FRT) to envision the ideal state and propose solutions, we were able to effectively identify the gaps and develop an action plan to bridge them.

No matter how good the site design and structure is, subpar product data will have a severe impact on the user experience and lead to site abandonments.

System thinking enables the discovery of the underlying causes of UX issues that go beyond the usual considerations of UX.


Monthly site traffic growth rate


Monthly site sales growth rate


Increase in conversion rate


Reduction in return rate

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