Automating intelligent decision-making




The objective of this project was to design an effective remanufacturing process aimed at maximizing the sales margins of refurbished electronics.

As part of this initiative, we also took the opportunity to revamp the user experience, empowering employees to overcome complex process challenges and ultimately enhance the company’s competitiveness on the secondary market.

Constructing the Current Reality Tree helped us identify the core causes of problems in our remanufacturing process and business operations. This method served as a guide to better understand the challenges in our complex systems where numerous elements interconnect.

Next, we built the Future Reality Tree to assess proposed solutions prior to execution, aiming to reduce risks and optimize our potential for achieving targeted improvements.

For optimal economic results in a flow-based system, priorities need continuous updating. We used the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) model to prioritize tasks based on economic impact. This strategy improved product recovery and almost tripled our inventory velocity.

Throughput accounting provided a clearer understanding of how decisions will impact the bottom line.


Increase in sales margins


Reduction in user error rates


Reduction in remanufacturing time


Increase in inventory velocity

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